Damien Hirst: Facing Death, Searching for Life

When I saw the Damien Hirst retrospective at the Tate Gallery in London, I had only known Hirst's work from headlines. My impression from a few poor reproductions was that he was all about death. The retrospective told me that I had been, well, dead wrong. He has a lot to say about life and …

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Designing in color

“Color is a shivering, glorious, active thing, a sympathy of poles founded on an exact kind of wavelength repulsion. Color is cagey, only partially knowable; it resists us even as it beckons. Thus the foundation of its perverse charm.” —Jude Stewart in ROY G. BIV: An Exceedingly Surprising Book about Color This is a business …

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Alice Neel: Painting as Encounter

Alice Neel was eighty years old when she resumed painting a self-portrait she had begun some four years earlier. In it she leans attentively forward, one eyebrow raised in critical assessment of her subject, glasses perched on her nose as if to sharpen her clarity of vision. She wields her paintbrush as a suggestion that …

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