How the Meaning of the Hagia Sophia Made Me Rethink My New Year’s Resolution

What relevance could a 6th-century cathedral possibly have for the life of a 21st-century girl? That's a fair question. But a visit to the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey taught me that Christians from the past can speak into our present.


Feeling Frayed? Me too. That’s Why We Need Advent

We still wander awed, says Annie Dillard, because this world is dear. And the people in it are beloved. We were made for this word, even in its splintered state. As we take in the ravages of our frayed and nibbled state, we don’t long for an ending. No, we long for renewal.

When Wedding Gifts Become Wedding Blessings: Memory and Presence

Sixteen years ago today I was staring out a window in Texas watching torrential rains flood the garden where I was supposed to be married later in the day. I learned then, what I’ve learned many times since, that a marriage takes improvisation and the willingness to change course, sometimes at a moment’s notice. We …

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Breathing Room for My Soul: How to Find Rest in the Noise of a Day?

My eyes flit across the surfaces of things, as if I’m rushing around glancing at scattered pieces of a puzzle without the attention to start finding connections, much less meaning. I can’t still the turning of the world; but I do have some control over the degree to which my mind and soul are carried along with it. Here are a few things I’m trying in order to cultivate internal stillness.