Come to the waters: A design for stained glass


I woke up feeling out-of-joint and parched. Over the weekend there have been so many reminders of all that’s broken in the world. A hurricane roiling the waters of the Atlantic, systematic demolition of civilian targets in Syria, a politician on the national stage who made sexually objectifying comments about his daughter and bragged about […]

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How to visit an art gallery with kids without losing your cool


Looking at art with kids is a way of exposing them to the marvelous diversity of artistic expression and to a range of cultures. A visit to an art gallery or museum can be an opportunity not just to cultivate self-control and attention, but also to nurture creativity and curiosity.

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A blessing for my daughter on her birthday

pencil sketch of my daughter

Blessing is prayer as gift. When my oldest daughter turned twelve, this is the blessing that I wrote to send her into the next decade, the decade of becoming a woman.

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When wedding gifts become wedding blessings: Memory and presence


Sixteen years ago today I was staring out a window in Texas watching torrential rains flood the garden where I was supposed to be married later in the day. I learned then, what I’ve learned many times since, that a marriage takes improvisation and the willingness to change course, sometimes at a moment’s notice. We […]

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From curse to blessing: How grace gets the last word


“The last word of the Old Testament is ‘curse’ (Mal. 4:6), and it is meaningful that the opening sermon of our Lord’s ministry commences with the word ‘Blessed.’” —Charles Spurgeon   “What have you got in here?” I ask my son, slinging his backpack over my shoulder. “Did you fill your bag with rocks?” He’s […]

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Breathing room for my soul: How to find rest in the noise of a day?


My eyes flit across the surfaces of things, as if I’m rushing around glancing at scattered pieces of a puzzle without the attention to start finding connections, much less meaning. I can’t still the turning of the world; but I do have some control over the degree to which my mind and soul are carried along with it.
Here are a few things I’m trying in order to cultivate internal stillness.

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A blessing for resting and waking

sunrise copy

May you sleep in the shelter of the shadow of God’s wings, May you wake in the light of his love For a little more than a year I’ve been praying this blessing over my kids just before they drift off to sleep. I turn out the lights, sit on the edge of the bed, […]

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Interior space and exterior surface: Anish Kapoor


Sculpture, I thought, is the opposite of void. Sculpture, I thought, projects itself into space. Sculpture, I thought, is presence. That’s what I thought, at least, until I met Anish Kapoor’s voids. I expected to see sculpture at the Kapoor show at Sakip Sabanci Muzesi in Istanbul, and I wasn’t disappointed. Kapoor has garnered international […]

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Emotional Women: Grief contained and grief exposed


When I walked through the doors of Santa Maria della Vita, a baroque church on a side street in Bologna, Italy, it took awhile for my eyes to adjust to the dim interior. A friend had told me there was something in this church that I needed to see. I made my way to a […]

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